Wildlife Trapping and Removal


Whenever possible one of our expert technicians will safely and humanely remove the problem animal by hand, pole, grabber or other tools. (Like in the case of Snakes)

Our techniques are not only state-of-the-art, but also the most humane practices in the industry!

Traditional Trapping
One way Doors

The most common technique in capture and relocation of wildlife is  also extremely effective! Our company is dedicated to the humane and loving treatment of animals as well as performing the job with the utmost professionalism.

The newest and most popular choice in removal techniques, is the utilization of one-way doors. This technique is the most humane and also the most effective at the same time!

In any situation that it makes sense, this will be the option that is implemented. Sometimes, however, it is more sensible to preform live trapping, as in the case of a random Skunk in the neighborhood.

All  of the methods and techniques employed are of the most humane nature possible. Whenever practical we like to make sure that all physical contact with the wildlife is eliminated. We here at Kansas Wildlife Professionals can effectively rid home and business owners of problematic wildlife 85% of the time without having to handle the animal! 

Damage repair and

Entry Prevention

Damage Repairs

Repairs are the most important step in a total wildlife control plan. They ensure that no new animals can get back in to the building, and if done right, can keep intruders out for good!

  Some examples of such repairs are as follows:

  • Repairs to roofing, soffit or eaves 

  • Installation of steel mesh under sheds or porches (Barrier wall) to prevent digging/burrowing animals

  • Mending/ Restoration of cement porches and pads

  • Capping or sealing of chimneys

  • Screening of gable vents and other attic vents

  • Fixing and Restoring fences and gates

  • Foundation seals

Entry Prevention

Entry prevention is imperative to the successful completion of the job. Not only do we need to fix, close-up, or seal the existing animal entry points, it is important that we identify any other possible weak points and openings that might be used as an entry in the future.

   During our inspection we will identify and take record of all existing entries as well as all potential weak spots for future entry.


The Restoration of an Attic or Crawl Space is absolutely necessary in more extreme cases of wildlife infestation.

 Having a company that is trained and experienced in the proper techniques of remediation, decontamination and sanitation is paramount in assuring that the problem will be solved right the first time!